Village Visit

by Cerue Richards
July 05, 2016

The first to even come near were the young children, who were not in school, like the others who would come later. We were all making attempts to communicate: hand gestures, games, song, and after a short time, we had befriended these kids. They enthusiastically copied our movement, and replicated the smiles we aimed at them. We toured the village, and were all intrigued to see the crafted homes equipped with dirt floors, (homemade) brick foundation, and thatched roofting lined with plastic bags to protect from rain. The only power source, available to a fraction of the homes, were solar panels (no bigger than a sheet of binder paper) which were used to power stereo.
After the tours, we were taken over to a different area of the village where dances, accompanied by songs sang in a form of lost language, were performed. Reaching the conclusion of our visit, Bayana made an announcement to the villagers.

The Americans have brought gifts,“. The shift in energy could be registered by anyone within a 10 mile radius. The dolls had sparked a flame within the people of the village.

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